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Documentary Photography Prints

Documentary photography has been my passion since the day I started university, and since I left I have been working to capture the world as vibrantly and ​as beautiful as I can. My photography can bold, bright, colourful and with a distinctive composition. It's cool, hip and yet sits well in a traditional setting. I have travelled all over the world from the Capitalist hub of the USA, to the poor tsunami hit regions of Indonesia. I have photographed rich men and their trappings and poor children and their smiles. My work during the 2004 Tsunami shows the beauty of humanity and how in the face of such devastation human beings will adapt and bounce back.

The My England series documents the eccentricity of the country I was lucky enough to be born in through a series of strong photo prints depicting the side of England often dismissed as lacking culture. I love Englands versatility, its diversity of styles and it rich and long history. English culture is often overlooked as watered down and diminished but my series shows that it is strong, vibrant and rich. People are often blind to their own culture through familiarity and I hope to reveal this through my documentary photographic series. You can buy prints, framed or unframed, from my online shop.

Mother Nature offers us a seemingly endless amount of visual inspiration and I have tried to get away from the usual and present her majesty in a fresh and alternative photography style. The prints you can buy from my online shop are strong and often thought provoking photos perfect for framing and hanging on your wall. 

Odd Art is another series that presents the strange and normal in a way that shows the world the way I see it. Things that can go unseen or disregarded become the centre of attention and wow the onlooker. The photo prints in my shop represent my often alternative look on the world as a documentary style series. You can buy them in various sizes, all limited edition and all can be framed or sent unframed.

Buy Photography Prints Online

My website is for people to browse my work and to buy high quality prints, either framed or unframed, for their home or business. Each image is a high resolution shot from one of my many documentary photography projects. All have been selected for their subject, photography style and pleasing nature. The America series document my trips across America and include people, places and things that sum up America in a single shot. The iconic imagery is perfect for prints for the home, living, room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom, kitchen and downstairs loo! They offer a perfect talking point and focal point for your home or business. Buy one as a gift, investment or simply to decorate your home or office.

I also have a series of Odd Art​ which is a diverse array of striking and visually stimulating imagery. From trinkets to performance pieces, through everyday items, this is a collection of things I found beauty in that people could easily overlook. One of my strengths is my ability to tease out the bold in the background noise of our everyday landscape.

Mother Nature has been at the heart of photography from the very first pin hole camera, and she was also at the forefront of the documentary format.

Framed Professional Photography

The prints are offered unframed or framed. These can be supplied with a full mounting and delivery service. Frames are high quality wooden construction with real glass. They come in black and white, thin and thick. You can also get a custom frame to order. Just contact me for more details. There are so many options that it's worth a phone conversation. You can call me or message on WhatsApp. If you have an unframed print it will be posted out first class signed for, framed prints will be a special delivery.

Investing in Art

Investing in art is a great way to turn your savings and income into a future nest egg. High quality photo prints, paintings and sculpture are all where its at in terms of small longterm art investmentsClaudias style is timeless and powerful and lends itself to being popular whatever the trends. And it's not art for arts sake. Anyone can connect and enjoy her photography, literally for what it shows, or artistically for its messages. The documentary nature of the photos give you a snapshot of time as it is now. The nostalgics of the future will look back on these images with the same passion and enthusiasm as we do for past decades. 

With sites like selling vintage paintings from the last century, and sites like Etsy and Ebay becoming increasingly more expensive for such purchases, buying directly from the artist can be a great way of getting what you want at a price that won't break the bank. 

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