Claudia Joan Vye Documentary Photographer

Claudia Joan Vye , British (b. 1983). Claudia moved to Bournemouth aged 6 and from a young age she was intrigued by the quirky, off the wall characters that British seaside towns attract. Fascinated by not only their aesthetic but their stories and human qualities.


Even before Claudia picked up a camera and photographed anyone she was thinking in the documentary photography process and compiling stories through the pictures in her mind.


At 17 She moved to London to seek out and immerse herself in the unconventional and unorthodox scenes. All the time taking in the styles and imagery of London's vibrant scenes. Memories that would influence her photography style.


Whilst working at The Dragon Bar in East London, which was at the forefront of the Graffiti Scene, she was introduced to Street Artists Banksy and Ben Eine.


Later working as an artist’s assistant to painter Stella Vine, she assisted Banksy in Ibiza & commissioned Street artist Eine to paint his Shoreditch Music Venue 333. Both artists have been huge influences on her photographic practices.


She later went on to work in  Fashion & Music PR and events management before returning to Education in 2010 where Claudia studied Creative Direction at The London College of Fashion before moving on to a Degree in Photojournalism at London College of Communication.


Since graduating in 2014 with a First Class Honours Claudia has worked for a number of London newspapers and magazines including several placements on the picture desk with The Sunday Times Magazine. 


Claudia has captured human eccentricities across the globe, from San Francisco to The Philippines. Never without a camera, she continues everyday to capture peculiarities of ordinary life. 

Her love of 60s and 70s psychedelia greatly informs her practice, her images are vivid and cinematic. They seek the ‘cool’ and characterful in the everyday. She intuitively captures the essence but with her signature unique style.